… God can protect His people even in the midst of total collapse around them.

If you lived in the city of Jericho at the time that the Israelites attacked, being on the wall was the most dangerous place to be, and yet, at the same time it was also the safest place to be.

If that is true then what is the difference maker? Let’s look at this account and see.

In the book of Joshua chapter two we see a pair of spies scouting out the land and the city prior to the whole army’s crossing of the Jordan River. During that time the city leaders caught wind of their presence and ordered a city wide search to locate them. The two spies took refuge in a prostitute’s house which was located on the wall. Word had spread concerning all that the God of Israel had done to other nations and she immediately agrees to help these men in exchange for an assurance of safety for her and her family.

The spies agree and she lowers them out of her window later that night and they return safely to their army on the far side of the river.

In chapter six we have the account of the battle of Jericho. The army marches around the city six days in a row in total silence. Then on the seventh day they marched around it seven times and at the completion of the seventh time the whole army shouted, the walls fell and the city was conquered.

All the while, Rahab and her family remained in their home which was located on the wall – the same wall that was falling down all around them!

This is both encouraging and challenging to me at the same time. I am encouraged because it shows me that God can protect His people even in the midst of total collapse around them. This scene is recorded to reassure us of the fact that when God is involved even the bleakest of circumstances can’t affect His protection. Does that always mean that we as believers wont encounter difficult times or sickness and pain, of course not. But it does tell me that He is in complete control of those circumstances and events and that nothing gets to us without first going through Him.

The challenge I see, is the importance of being and remaining in the will of the Father. Had Rahab tried to take matters into her own hand or had she not obeyed and remained in her home when the city was attacked, she and her family would have risked death at the hands of an Israelite soldier.

How important for us to see that lesson today. You can be right in the middle of a collapsing situation yet if that is where God has called you to be, you will always be safe. Why, because you are remaining right in the middle of Gods will for you and your life.

So what is God’s will for you today, and will you remain in it or will you seek to live according to your own plan, your own will, you own agenda?

May God guide your every step today and this week as you seek to follow close to Him and stay right in the middle of His will for your life.

God bless