I am amazed at what I see going on around our country!  So many people are engaging in an outward expression of hatred through violent actions all because of a result of an election and none of us know what or where those results will ultimately lead us.

I am wondering where the church is at this time of need?  How often through history has the church been silent when it needed to stand up and be heard, a clear and powerful voice of reason in times of confusion and anger.

We have people and pastors, even within our own denomination, who would advocate for one group over another when what is needed, is to get back to biblical ideals and thinking, and that is that every life matters, every life is important, every life is incredibly valuable to God.

I was recently sent an article which talked about our current state and in it I came across this quote:

But this is what democracy is: a decision to live within a shared idea of the future. A mutual attempt at the hard civility of real compromise in order to keep moving forward together.as one.


Isn’t that what we are to be engaged in – civil compromise to keep moving forward.

My question is, how and what is the church’s role in that process? We are called to be a healing agent, an agent of reconciliation.  If that is the case then what does look like in each of our lives as well as us as HCC.  Please join me in reaching out to others with a voice of reconciliation and healing, of prayer for our friends, our acquaintances, our city, state and nation that we would move forward in unity.  Most of all pray with me that there would be a revival that sweeps this nation the likes of which has never been seen before.

Maybe someday people will be talking about us like they do about Wales revival of 1906.

God bless,


Dan Williamson, Senior Pastor