Welcome to the Journey!

Pack your bags because for the next few weeks, you’ll be on a journey. This travel guide will be your journal as you become the Apostle Paul’s companion as he travels the known world in the first century. He’s on a mission that he’s passionately determined to complete.

His mission: take the good news about Jesus to the ends of the Earth.

Beware! This is no vacation trip. On this journey, Paul will face incredible opposition. He will be run out of numerous towns, beaten, and left for dead. He’ll be arrested, mocked and incarcerated. His countrymen will turn against him and the world’s philosophers will scoff at his message. But, his mission will be accomplished. God will use his message to transform lives. Fledgling churches will be born, and many people will find new life because of Jesus. The road will be hard, but the eventual change the world.

Ready to go? We meet at the Lamping residence in Eagle on Tuesday evenings from 6:45 – 8 pm. You are welcome to any or all meetings. Call the church at 262-363-8025 for details, or email office@hillsidemukwonago.com.