I was reading this morning in my devotions from Exodus 38-40.

As I was reading that section I began to think about what it must have been like for those who witnessed this event, the building and raising of the Tabernacle.  These were people who had just experienced God’s divine deliverance from their captivity in Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the destruction of their once captors, and now this whole new thing that God had instructed built through Moses.

Can you imagine this structure going up and this whole new style of worship and reverence that was before never even thought of being brought into their lives?  What were they thinking as the walls of the Tabernacle went up and the Ark of the Covenant was placed inside the Holy of Holies?  What were their thoughts about all this “new” stuff that Moses was bringing into play?

Change is never easy, but if it is God driven then there are untold blessings that will follow.  Will we obey regardless of our comfort level?

We as people generally love our traditions, our current ways of thinking and doing.  We love them because they are familiar, understandable, embraceable.  Much like working with a familiar form of whatever program or social media app that we like.  But when changes come to those things we find ourselves unsettled and taken back.  Why did they need to change it? Everything was working just fine the way it was.

I wonder if those watching this new thing going up in the midst of their camp had the same thoughts and feelings.

You see it really isn’t the change that is the important thing. What is important is what will bring us closer to God and more in line with His thinking and will for our lives and will we embrace that regardless of the cost to our comfort.

For the Israelites, the Tabernacle meant that God would dwell in their very midst, right in the middle of their camp. Not in some distant abstract place but right there among them.  Had this new thing not been built, God’s will would not have been obeyed and as a result, they

would have missed a great part of God’s blessings in their lives, both at that time and well into the future.

Change and new things are never easy, but if it is God driven then there are untold blessings that will follow.  The question is, will we obey regardless of what it might mean to our personal comfort zones?

May God continue to challenge us in our thoughts, traditions and comfort zones so that we are always in tune and in step with what He is doing.

God bless,


Dan Williamson, Senior Pastor

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