Proverbs 3:27
“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.”
We are often faced with two kinds of opportunities in our daily lives;
  1. Those opportunities which we are not able to meet, aside from some super nature intervention, and
  2. Those opportunities which it is within our power to address.
In the first instance we need the power and intervention of the Holy Spirit to address, much as Peter and John needed with the lame man they encountered on their way into the temple to worship.  However, in the second instance, i.e., those times and opportunities that we do have the ability, talents or resources, to address we are all to often faced with the probing question, do I help?
I often wonder in my own life how many opportunities that God has put in my path to help others in some capacity or another, that I move past, either without noticing them or choosing to not act because of one thing or another;  schedules, other things perceived more important, appointments and the such.
I am thinking that God is trying to help me, us, see things and life in a whole different way.  I am thinking that God would have us see life and our daily ventures as a series of opportunities.
For the believer, each day is filled with opportunities to see God’s hand and those people whom He has put into our paths to help, minister to or meet needs in certain ways.
Lord please give us all eyes to see, a heart to meet, and an adjusted priority, that we would seek to be about Your business each and every day as we continue to live out this grand mission of being the church in the world today.
God bless