Youth Mission Trip 2019
The youth group will be going down to Henderson Ky from June 17th-22nd to do a work project
mission trip. We will be partnering with an organization called World Changers. They invite
youth groups to come and do work project for the elderly who could not physically do these
projects themselves and also those who financially pay for huge projects.

The youth group will be traveling to a site for the week. There they will usually stay at a church
the whole week. Classrooms will be turned into bedrooms. Girls and guys living arrangements
will be completely sectioned off. Usually, our group of guys will get their own room and our girls
will their own room which will not be shared with any of the other youth groups.
The first day our students will be split up into work teams. These teams consist of people from
several youth groups. The staff does promise that our students will not be alone on a team with
all strangers. They promise to have at least one other person on each students team who they

So what does a typical day look like?

Each morning breakfast is provided by the church we are staying at. In fact, all meals are
provided by the church, so meals we do not have to worry about. After breakfast, there is
usually about an hour of free time that is asked to be used by students as a time to do devotions
and questions that will go along with a teaching that week. After that, the work teams get
together and have a time of prayer and then head off to their work sites. They spend the
morning and afternoon working at the site with lunch being eaten at the work site.
At the end of the afternoon, the students come back to the church and usually head straight to
the shower after a hard days work. Then comes dinner. There is usually a bit of free time after
dinner until a worship session and teaching time that night. After the teaching session, our youth
group will meet together and have some discussion on that evenings message. Once we are
finished with that the student hang out and play games till bedtime. Often students play card
games, if the church has a gym, many also play sports. And that is a day.

So what kind of work projects are involved?
Often times the students are working with the elderly who can’t pay to have certain repairs made
on their home or can not do the work themselves. This may involve painting a house, power
washing, yard work and things of that nature. For some of the older groups, they may even do
projects such as roofing and replacing windows. There is no need to worry about your student
with any of these work projects. World Changers recruits people who have experience in these
areas to run these projects. They also do extensive training with them and any adult leaders
from the youth groups on how to instruct students safely on these projects.

So how is this a missions trip?
The heart of World Changers is for souls of the community and not just to meet a need. Each
work group is spread throughout the community and is asked to make an impact on the people
in the area they are working. Each work group is asked to get to know the owners of the house
they are working on. This can be done through asking questions, praying with them and for
them and eating lunch with them. The groups are also asked to talk to neighbors.
Time is scheduled in the day where a few students at a time with a leader will knock on doors
and let them know the work they are doing in the community, passing out tracts and praying for
those they talk to. We also get a chance to invite the people we talk with back to the church for
a service at the end of the week for the entire community. This is an awesome opportunity to
share the reasons behind why we are working, to pray for the lost and sometimes even share
the gospel. The way this program is set up allows those we reach while we are there to be
directly connected with a church once we leave, which is awesome.

I hope this run down of the camp is helpful.

You can contact me at if you have any questions.

In Christ,

Ian and Kyla May