COVID- 19 Response

Dear Hillside Church Body 3-18-2020

I am writing to give you an update on where we are in relation to all the news going through our country right now concerning the Covid-19 illness that has spread throughout the world.

First I want to express that God is always in control and any response that we have must be founded in that truth.  Many people today are allowing fear to permeate their thoughts. Though I completely understand the need for concern I am also totally convinced that fear is a tool of the enemy to take our eyes off our Lord and to doubt His trustworthiness in the midst of this current pandemic.

Perfect love casts out fear, and Jesus is perfect love.  Keeping our eyes and thoughts focused on Him, knowing that He will take care of each of us through this time brings both peace to our lives and is a testimony to those around us.

That being said I want you to know that our actions are not in response to a spirit of fear, but rather out of care for others and honor to those appointed over us.

Therefore after a great deal of thought and prayer, conversation with our board and also local pastors I have decided to cancel all “in building” church activities and group meetings effective immediately and lasting indefinitely.

My hope and prayer is that this will last only for a very short period of time, and it is my intent to keep everyone updated as the situation evolves and moves forward.

We are currently looking at conducting Sunday Morning services via Facebook Live Events at our regular time of 9:00 am Sunday mornings,  so I would encourage everyone to sign up and get linked to the Hillside Facebook page. We will also be videoing the teaching and will continue to post it on Youtube as we currently do. 

We will also be looking at doing daily posts from the pastor on Facebook for a short devotional.

Look for an email from Ian about connecting through online small groups. 

My hope and prayer is that we will take this opportunity to spend time with the Lord both individually and as family through prayer, bible study, and worship.  The church is not and never has been a building, the church is YOU!  

There are many resources now available to help each of us with these things such as Right Now Media, online worship music, the You Version bible app,, and many other great sites. If you need help getting connected to any of these, please contact me and I will make sure you get connected. 

Please continue to pray for our body, this community and our country as we move through this time.  Please pray also for the opportunities that God will give us to share His love, faithfulness and goodness that may come our way.

If anybody is in need of anything please let us know and we will work diligently to help in whatever way we can.

May God bless each of you through this time.

Pastor Dan and Lisa Williamson