Outreach ministries are a major component of our vision and purpose at Hillside Community Church. We are continually in the process of reaching out to those in our community and beyond as new opportunities come up. These range from helping individual families one on one, to major outreach events in the park, on our campus here in Mukwonago, downtown and abroad.

Some of the upcoming outreach ministry opportunities are:

  • Street Light Ministries: These are witnessing teams which will go downtown Milwaukee, Waukesha and other places to carry God’s good news to any and all who would listen.
  • Treasure Hunts: These are opportunities where we go out as teams seeking to just be a blessing to people in whatever way God shows us. That may be helping someone pump gas to giving someone a bottle of water at local events to simply praying with someone. These are very non-threatening opportunities in which we can show God’s love to people in practical and authentic ways.
  • Mission Trips: We are always looking for overseas opportunities to take God’s love abroad into the world. This may include trips to Chile, the Ukraine or China as God opens doors for us.