The number one goal for HCC Youth is to assist middle school and high school students in being deeply passionate about Jesus:

  • That a student would become so on fire for Jesus that it would drastically infect others around them.
  • That relationships would grow with other students who may not have a chance outside of our youth group.
  • That a student would be so in love with the creator that they would desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus, they would love on others around them in their personal spheres, and to have a desire to serve in some sort of facet.

What Can You Expect at HCC Youth Group Meetings?

HCC Youth is a high-energy group with games, videos, music, food and lots more. We discuss relevant topics that pertain to students in today’s culture, and filter this through the Word of God. The world is constantly pushing its agenda on the future generation and we will equip our students with the truth that can only be found in the Word of God. We will show how God’s Word is just as relevant today as it was when it was written.

When Does HCC Youth Meet?

HCC Youth meets throughout the year from 6:30 – 8:30 pm on Sunday evenings. You can join us at any time, we’re a friendly, welcoming group. We also have special events at other times, like bowling and pizza, overnight lock-ins with activities and food, concerts and more.

How Can Adults Help?

Because of the very active nature of this group, we can always use adults to help by being break out group leaders, help with playing games, planning events and mission trips, and more. Our students always need diligent prayer, so please lift them and their families up to the Lord in prayer. Please contact the church office at 262-363-8025 to determine how you can get involved.

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